My Story


On the 19th February, 2021, I walked away from a 42 year career in nursing. It had come to the point where I couldn't do another day. Over my years, I have had my fill of loss and struggles with grief but I certainly wasn't prepared for the grief I felt leaving a job I had once loved. Nursing was all I knew. It had taken me around the world and introduced me to some of the greatest human beings I've ever known. Leaving it so abruptly was like losing a part of my identity, having to rebuild myself all over again.


Loss and grief can nestle amid many of life's experiences. From the devastating loss of our dearest family and friends through to the beautiful animals we share our lives with. It can also arrive unannounced and cleverly disguised in less obvious scenarios, such as loss of employment, financial or relationship loss, the loss of a home, or the feelings of loss bearing witness to anyone who is struggling with significant change. 

I began life coaching because I wanted to make a real difference in people's lives. It is incredibly fulfilling helping someone to access their infinite wisdom and achieve the things that bring them joy and fulfillment. Especially helping people who have experienced any degree of grief or loss due to a significant life event. The reward lies in seeing someone step back into living life with intent and purpose. It lies in having helped them find the thing they are passionate about, or have longed to re-engage with. There is such fulfillment, stepping with them along a coaching journey to co create the possibility of a new way of being.  

I understand how important it is to search for that driver in life. Through my harder times in nursing, I turned to my creativity to get me through. I developed skills as a surface designer, illustrator, graphic designer and more recently have dipped my toe in clay and glaze. I appreciate the importance of nurturing that which inspires you.


Through my clay immersed hours, a germ of an idea formed and the beginnings of The Vessel.Me were born. The vessel symbolises all that we are and all that we hold, including the emptiness of grief and loss. It allows us to hold a space for emptiness as well as a space where opportunity and fulfillment can be fully recieved or restored.


The logo consists of the Japanese Kanji symbol of wholeness. It sits within the sacred Zen Buddhism symbol, the Enso, which means circle, depicting  a universal expression of wholeness that lives deep in our being. It symbolizes beauty in imperfection, and so offers permission to let go of expectations we have in the cycle of life.


The enso circle can be depicted as a perfect closed element or as an open imperfect circle. I chose an opening in the circle suggesting it has connection to something greater outside of itself. Incompleteness and imperfection are essential and inherent aspects of existence but greatness still flows and infuses through such things, regardless. When we learn to access this greatness, our cup begins to fill.


The concept of The represents the wholeness, and emptiness of life in any moment, expressed by the union of the two symbols. It supports the philosophy behind my coaching practice. To help people access their greatness, and find the meaningful life that fuels a sense of wholeness within. 




You are the vessel.

What will you choose to fill yourself with? 


Vessel-Enso Brush 2-01-01.png