Each week that I worked with Lynn, I chose particular goal to work on, for me I chose things that I felt I was particularly stuck with and not getting any traction on.
I was able to have major breakthroughs in my business and personal life with her amazing sessions! There have been situations where I thought things were impossible to do, they were things I knew I needed to do, I talked a lot about needing to do them, but couldn’t see a way forward. The work that Lynn did with me enabled me to see so many possibilities that I hadn’t seen previously. I started the sessions feeling defeated and, down-and-out, then by the end of the sessions I felt uplifted and more positive. I was able to take actions to carry out the tasks that I needed to do more easily. It was like obstacles were removed right before me and suddenly there was a way forward!


One of my major breakthroughs I had was when I had all my belongings in storage, and no access to it. I talked and complained about this for months and couldn’t find a way forward.
Working through the steps that Lynn uses, I was able to clearly see a way forward. I followed through and now I have access to my belongings and can go and get out what I need easily! All the stress I had about that situation has completely disappeared.

Another example of working on my goals was to run my meditation retreat. I ended up extending the amount of time I had to organise it (than the original plan) although l used the same step-by-step plan I created with Lynn, and ran a successful, fully booked event!
If you need to find traction in your life to be able to do everything you want to do, but can’t find the way, I highly recommend booking in sessions with Lynn!

Angie - Brisbane, Australia